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When you need the right talent for customer service, sales & business development, whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, you need a recruitment agency to be your business partner. we have the expertise to help.

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Our Unique Service

Are you looking for a Recruitment firm which specialising in customer service, sales & business development?

In Hong Kong, we are the first recruitment firm specialising in CS, Sales & Business Development. We have become one of the preferred recruiter in Hong Kong with the extent of our related services.

How we are Different from Other Recruitment Agency?

At Nesta, we possess a number of unique customer service, sales and business development professional in our database. There is no other staffing agency specialising with CS, Sales & Business Development in Hong Kong.

We work as a team

Our consultants are salaried professionals, they’re not just here to get a quick win. This means that they are encouraged to work together and pool resources to find the best candidate for your company. Our recruiters put the needs of our clients first.

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