Our Expertise

Customer Service | Sales | Business Development

CS, Sales & Business Development
Recruitment Expert

Experience enables us to assess what is needed for CS, Sales & Business Development professional to succeed in a Client’s role. Then interview Candidates to assess their abilities. Also their potential to get the sales results the Client wants.

We can assess CS, Sales & Business Development professionals’ skills and understand a Client’s role. Then gauging what is necessary for a good fit.

We only put Candidates forward if they can get the best results.

Our Expertise

Customer Service

Customer Service – Manager
Customer Service – Officer
Call Centre
Accounting Servicing



Retail Sales
Tele-sales (Telemarketing)
Direct Sales
Sales – Real Estate

Business Development

Business Development (B2C)
Business Development (B2B)
Channel / Distribution
Direct Sales
Sales – Sales Management
Technical Sales/Sales Engineer
Sales Administration

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