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Nesta is a specialised headhunter in Hong Kong. Our approach is a focus on the long-term outlook, with attention to detail paramount. The Nesta team marries keen appreciation of specific business cultures and objectives to time invested in diligent investigation and assessment of candidate suitability.

4 Steps to Speed up your hiring process by 250%

1. Use stricter criteria to select candidates

Try to be more selective about which candidates you interview and send on to Managers. If you’re choosier, you save yourself time during the initial vetting and interviewing stages. Instead of interviewing 25 OK candidates, you might choose to interview 10 exceptional candidates.

By simply narrowing the starting candidates, you can save yourself and your line managers hours of unnecessary work. And, you might be able to cut the hiring process down by weeks.

2. Reduce unnecessary recruitment procedure

Take a close look at your recruiting process. Find out if any bottlenecks or tasks take a long time. When you find these areas, make a recruitment process improvement plan to clean them up.

Eliminate any unnecessary hiring process steps. For example, if you have candidates fill out a seven-page questionnaire that takes candidates an average of five days to return, you might evaluate if all the questions on the form are necessary.


3. Make use of technology

You can speed up some parts of the hiring process by using technology.

For example, instead of waiting for a candidate to fly in for an interview, you might conduct a video interview. This allows you to complete the interview faster. And if the candidate remains on the list after that interview, you can then fly the candidate in for an in-person interview.

You might also use automations to speed up the process. For example, if a candidate completes a specific step of the hiring process, an email might be triggered and sent to the candidate telling them what the next step is. This lets you save time on communications, letting you spend more time on other parts of the hiring process.

4. Search for headhunting service

If you still cannot reduce the hiring timeline significantly, try to find a recruitment agency to help. Nesta is a specialised recruitment agency for recruiting CS, Sales & Business Development professional. We can fulfil your recruitment needs in 3 days. Get a FREE quote now! 

Permanent Recruitment Service

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Service Fee

Our fees are based on a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. This percentage depends on the seniority of the role rises – as highly skilled roles tend to be more difficult to fill and involve a lengthier recruitment process. You do not need to pay anything unless you successfully recruit the person we have introduced.

No worries. We will tailor-made a recruitment solution which MUST fit for your budget. Talk to our recruiter now!

What are included in the service fee?

Nesta manages candidates prudently throughout the recruitment process with the end goal of getting you long-term, committed talent that is right for your organisation.

Let us craft you a recruitment package which includes:

  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting
  • Telephone Screening of Applicants
  • Upfront Skills Assessments
  • Face-to-face Interview with our Recruiters
  • Panel Interviews Arrangement
  • Offer Negotiation
  • On-boarding Assistance
  • Reference Checks
  • Periodical Reviewing Employee’s career satisfaction

No Sector Limitation for our Headhunters in Hong Kong

We are professional headhunters in hiring CS, Sales &Business Development professional, but our headhunters have not restricted our services for specific industry.

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We recruit high-calibre executives and managers from a truly international talent pool.

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All of our clients will have an assigned experience Recruiter to follow up for all recruitment process.

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