Why You Need to Target Your Recruitment BD on the SME Sector Right Now

A recent survey found that 70% of SME businesses in the UK believe their revenue will return to pre-Covid-19 levels as early as 2021. It?s an optimistic picture, and one that recruiters should be paying close attention to! Small business have been less impacted by the pandemic thanks to their adaptability. Unlike big corporations, SME […]

A Recruiter’s Guide to Identifying Cost Savings

A job well done is a job that?s done with the right tools. Unfortunately, for recruiters, sometimes it?s hard to get internal buy-in for them. Looking to upgrade your tech stack, but not sure where to start? Begin by identifying potential cost savings.? A sophisticated talent acquisition suite (TAS) can make a world of difference […]

What is Recruiting Software and Who Uses Recruiting Software?

For the longest time, recruiters did not use recruiting software. The reason is simple: it didn?t exist yet. Neither did the Internet or email. Instead, recruiters used rolodexes (remember those?) and filing cabinets. However, that was a thousand years ago in terms of technology. Now personal computers exist. The Internet and email exist, as well. […]

How to Do a Successful Google Resume Search

Finding candidates through a Google search is a powerful recruitment sourcing strategy, but can take a lot of time. You can sift through pages of Google resumes and irrelevant results just to find one promising candidate. You might have to look at hundreds or thousands of results that don?t match your job orders. You?re a […]

Essential High Volume Recruiting Tactics in 2020

Looking to hire top talent at scale? With the right tactics and technology in place, the process can be streamlined without compromising quality. High-volume recruiting refers to the process of hiring large numbers of candidates in a short amount of time. The job of a high-volume recruiter, in other words, is to identify high-quality candidates […]

Now?s the Time to Connect People to Jobs at Scale

There have been a lot of clich?d phrases used to describe the ?unprecedented times? we live in which we ponder what the ?new normal? is and what will remain of the ?past we?re leaving behind.? While these expressions might seem a bit hollow, they do contain a very real truth: things are not the same […]

Creating a Career Page That Converts

A well-crafted career page has the power to win over and convert qualified candidates. However, in order for that to be the case, it requires careful oversight and to be recognized for what it truly is?a valuable tool in the recruiting tool belt. Today there?s no shortage of creative and engaging ways for companies to […]

Why Your Talent Strategy Should Include Campus Recruiting

Across the world there are thousands of college campuses full of soon-to-graduate students eager to enter the workforce. Recruiters can enrich their candidate pipeline by forging relations with this demographic. University or campus recruiting refers to the strategies for sourcing, connecting with and hiring college students and recent graduates for internships and entry-level positions. While […]