How employee benefits can make a difference to your business

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Every business needs to have happy, motivated, and productive employees to help it succeed. It?s an accepted fact that an engaged workforce is more productive, and this in turn leads to greater business success and profitability. And yet, even in the current climate, businesses can still struggle to attract and retain the right people with […]

How to align recruitment with company values

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The importance of employee compatibility is indisputable. In a progressive business world many companies are more inclined to hire for emotional intelligence over IQ. Why is this the latest recruitment trend? The debate will continue for years to come, however, in short: hard skills can be taught whilst a candidate’s attitude and values are embedded in their individuality. […]

4 things to consider before you implement a new talent acquisition plan

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Remote hiring and working?will definitely become more widespread, and that also opens up a whole new market for employers. Hiring freelancers or appointing permanent staff from anywhere in the world must get included in your talent acquisition program. There are four things which you have to consider before implementing a new talent acquisition plan. 1. […]