4 ways to achieve the optimum working environment

The working environment has changed beyond all recognition in the last two decades. Long gone are the days when ?another day at the office? meant being stationary at a desk cubicle from 9-5. But even if that is still the case for you and your current job, there are steps you can take to improve […]

5 key formats for a cover letter

Although your CV plays the largest part in getting yourself noticed during the job hunt, it?s important to ensure that you aren?t cutting corners with your cover letter. You can use this to go into a bit more detail than your CV allows, and to really sell yourself to the hiring manager. But if you […]

6 skills to find a job during COVID-19

Just a few months ago, candidates had their pick of who to work for, sometimes even ?ghosting? after accepting a job offer. There were more open roles than candidates available for work, and the unemployment rate sat at record lows for months. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic turning our economy and social lives upside down, it can be […]

10 skills developed during COVID-19

The extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have not only forced businesses to adapt to remote working, but have also meant professionals have needed to rapidly evolve their skill sets. While these circumstances have without question been challenging, it is wise to assess how this period may have forced you to develop skills in new […]