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When you need the right talent, whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, we have the expertise to help. Our rich candidate database across Hong Kong and Asia Pacific, and unique approach to recruitment, means that the people you want are already talking to us.

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Nesta – One of the best Recruitment Agencies in Hong Kong

Are you looking for a dependable Recruitment Agency in the Hong Kong? At Nesta, we are offering the most reliable services of manpower recruitment. We have become one of the preferred recruitment agency in Hong Kong with the extent of our related services.

We figure among the best recruitment consultant Hong Kong list also. At Nesta, we have a vast experience in sourcing of manpower and serving some of the biggest industries worldwide. We prepare the correct linkage between the most potential and able candidates with the best industries that have different job roles to offer.

Why you should partner with us?

Having the right people is key to business success and here at Nesta, we help businesses address the challenges of change. In those periods of uncertainty, we can provide you with the talent you need to stay one step ahead.
You may need to act swiftly, even radically. Which is why you need to access the right people, at the right time. We consistently attract and interact with the very best candidates and we are at the forefront of specialist recruitment. It means we are best placed to get the right candidate for your precise business needs.
At Nesta, we possess a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies in the world.

We work as a team

Our consultants are salaried professionals, they’re not just here to get a quick win. This means that they are encouraged to work together and pool resources to find the best candidate for your company. Our recruiters put the needs of our clients first.

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